18 July 2014

National Blueberry Month: Jam-Packed

July is "National Blueberry Month" apparently, so I went blueberry picking at my grandparents and decided to make some blueberry jam!

First, I nicked a recipe from a good friend.
This one comes from the Tupelo Honey Cafe book. If you've ever been to Asheville, I highly recommend dining at Tupelo Honey! They have some really great cuisine and a wonderful atmosphere.

Recipe & Instructions:

blueberry preserves

I was so excited to begin! I had never made jam before, but I sure enjoyed eating it.
blueberry jam process
(Ignore the messy stove, please!)
This is before I added the sugar mixture. I can't believe how many blueberries I had actually picked and how many it took to make some jam.

blueberry jam boil
This is the blueberries at a boil, after everything has been added in, of course. Look at how pretty a color they make!

blueberry jam jar
And finally, after waiting for the jam to cool and thicken a bit, you can pour it into cute little jars and have yourself some jam to eat in the morning!

The entire process was fairly easy, quick, and pain free.
If you want to celebrate National Blueberry Month, this is a splendid way to do so.

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